Speed Limits  

Observe posted speed limits while on the Cross Island Parkway for your safety and the safety of others: 55 mph west of the plaza, 40 mph east of the plaza (Charles E. Fraser Bridge) and 30 mph through the toll plaza (PAL PASS lanes).

Stopping on the Cross Island Parkway  
   Do not stop in PAL PASS lanes! Pal Pass customers do not have to stop in lanes designated for Pal Pass; hence they travel at a posted speed limit of 30 mph. You may cause a rear end collision.
   Only stop in CASH lanes to pay the toll collector.  
   Mount your PAL PASS (transponder) as instructed by the Customer Service Center. It is very dangerous to take your eyes off of the road to try to find your PAL PASS (transponder).  
   Do not pull over to the side of the road unless you have an emergency.  
   Do not park your car in the road in front of the toll facility. You may exit the Cross Island Parkway at Marshland Road to access the Customer Service Center.  
Turning Around  

U-Turns are prohibited on the Cross Island Parkway. If you find that you are going in the wrong direction, continue through the toll plaza and request a TURN AROUND PASS from the toll collector in the CASH lane, then continue to the next appropriate intersection to change direction

 TURN AROUND PASSES are available from the toll collectors. If you have found that you mistakenly got on the Cross Island Parkway, you are allowed 10 minutes to continue through and turn around at an appropriate location without having to pay again. Just remember to pass back through a CASH lane to give the TURN AROUND PASS to a collector.  
 Do not back up. If you find yourself in a PAL PASS lane, keep moving through so that you do not cause a collision. You are not permitted to stop in a PAL PASS lane. This is very dangerous for you and other motorists. Proceed to the Customer Service Center to pay the toll.  
Bicycles on the Cross Island Parkway  
 Bicycles are not permitted in the toll plaza area. Bicycles are only allowed on the designated bike path. Please follow all signs along the bicycle route
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