What is Palmetto Pass?
Palmetto Pass is an electronic-toll collection system that removes cash, coins and toll tickets from the toll-collection process. Instead, drivers open accounts with the South Carolina Department of Transportation and pay tolls in advance by way of small electronic devices attached to their vehicles’ windshields.
How does Palmetto Pass work?
Your vehicle is equipped with a small electronic device called a transponder, which transmits information. This information is processed, and a toll is deducted automatically from your account as your vehicle passes through the toll lane.
Where can I use Palmetto Pass?
Palmetto Pass transponders can be used on the Cross Island Parkway and the Greenville Southern Connector. For details on the Cross Island Parkway click here
How can I pay for my account?
You may make payments to your account conveniently and automatically by credit card, or you may choose to pay by check, money order or cash. By choosing to replenish your account automatically by credit card, you avoid the chance of having insufficient funds in your account. If you elect to pay by check or money order, please send your toll payment to:
Cross Island Parkway Service Center
PO Box 5096
Hilton Head Island, SC 29938

If you wish to replenish your account with cash, you must make cash payments in person at the Cross Island Parkway Service Center or at any South Carolina Department of Transportation Walk-In Center. Visit the Cross Island Parkway website at www.crossislandparkway.org or all instate customers should call 1-888-725-8655 and out of state customers should call 843-342-6718.

What if I get into a lane which is not equipped with Palmetto Pass?
You must pay the full-undiscounted toll in cash.
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